1) Which classmate from 1975 was inducted into Hilltop's Academic Hall of Fame in 2003?
Carole George
Julie Wulff
Fernando Roth
Tim Nader
2) Who recorded the 1968 hit In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida?
Jefferson Airplane
Iron Butterfly
Vanilla Fudge
Deep Purple

3) Which member of The Monkees had a mother who invented Liquid Paper?
Mike Nesmith
Micky Dolenz
Peter Tork
Davy Jones
4) What year did Hilltop High School first open?

5) In 1973 we were in 10th grade. Who was the US President at that time (a)? Who was President when we graduated in 1975 (b)?
a) Nixon, b) Carter
a) Ford, b) Carter
a) Carter, b) Ford
a) Nixon, b) Ford
6) All of the following celebrities were born the year we graduated high school in 1975, except one. Who was not born in 1975?
Tiger Woods
Reese Witherspoon
Drew Barrymoore
Angelina Jolie

7) Which fad was not a product of the 1970s?
Pet Rocks
Rubik's Cube
Mood Rings
Electronic Simon
8) Who won the 1975 World Series?
Detroit Tigers
Boston Red Sox
Cincinatti Reds
NY Yankees

9) Which Beatles album was the last one released?
Abbey Road
Sgt. Pepper
Let It Be
Yellow Submarine
10) A math student interviewed 50 fifth graders. 41 said they like peanut butter sandwiches, 35 liked jam sandwiches and 30 liked both on their sandwiches. How many students liked neither?
I slept through my math classes! I say give them all a sardine sandwich and move on! :)