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Birth Date: 1956-03-28
Deceased Date: 1999-11-13
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Birth Date: 1956-01-23
Deceased Date: 2010-08-27
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Rich ,Gordy Lopez - November 18th, 2020
My friend,my carpenter partner,my wing man miss you but will see you again we will have good times just like we we did here.watching out for Danny andJi
Jenna Summers - August 30th, 2020
Mike was my neighbor and my kindergarten sweetheart. We were great friends when we were young and told each other we would get married some day. We always took our naps next to each other in Kindergarten. I miss our childhood love and sweet dreams. I was so sad that we drifted apart as we got older. I love you Mike. Always have, always will. 


Birth Date: 1957-09-19
Deceased Date: 2014-11-23
On Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014, Ms. Patti Chastain passed away at her parents' home in Cathedral City. She was born in Oak Harbor, WA, and continued her education in San Diego. She worked many years in banking as a branch manager. She is survived by her parents, Floyd and Nancy Quine, brother Rick Jones and wife Pam, daughter Tricia, and two grandchildren, Eva and Cash.
pep Lamadrid - September 16th, 2018
I didn’t know you but I hope someone is putting flowers on your grave. RIP


Birth Date: 1957-01-25
Deceased Date: 2019-02-13
Glioblastoma Multiforme (Brain Cancer)
Mark Graves - January 21st, 2021
I remember Carol when I was a Hilltop Sophmore, she was a Junior, and I went to my first Hilltop High dance and had no clue what I was doing there. She knew my older brother and some of my older friends and pulled me out to the dance floor with a big smile on her face and said "just relax!" I ended up dancing with all the other sophomore girls that night but everytime I saw Carol in the halls afer that we just sort of smiled and nodded, I was a 1,000 years younger than her and just a kid brother, as it is in high school. But I've never forgotten her kindness. She was just always nice to me in a distant and big sister kind of way. Thanks Carol, and God Bless You Always.
Rich ,Gordy Lopez - November 16th, 2020
A very beautiful person and Queen .
Laura Hastings - May 8th, 2019
We will miss you forever our sweet, beloved Queen.
Fly with the angels you Sweet Thang.


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Birth Date: 1957-04-05
Deceased Date: 2014-09-24
Jamie Doud - June 14th, 2022
Hey "utch", its Jamie, wow, I moved to east coast, out of contact with all, love you, rest in peace, and we'll all meet up sooner or later.


Birth Date: 1956-12-09
Deceased Date: 1976-07-22
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Birth Date: 1957-06-01
Deceased Date: 2015-02-03
Thomas Evan Frank
June 1, 1957 ~ February 3, 2015
Monterey, CA

Tom was born and raised in San Diego, CA to his loving parents, Patricia and Edward. He grew up with his two sisters, Kris and Kate, and spent much of his childhood with his grandfather in Chula Vista. Tom graduated from Hilltop High School in 1975 and attended college in Orange County before embarking into a career in hotel engineering - including working for Hyatt Regency Los Angeles where he met Becky.  In 1990, they moved to Monterey as Tom had accepted the position of Director of Engineering at the new DoubleTree Hotel; now Portola Hotel & Spa.  Tom worked there for over 18-years and fostered warm and authentic relationships with his colleagues who became his friends. Tom's varied interests included sailing, skiing, fishing, watching movies, and traveling.  He was proud of and devoted to his family, was dedicated to his work, and loved to make people laugh. Tom's friendly personality and genuine nature always stood out and left a positive impression on people's lives.

He is survived by his wife, Becky Frank, son, Christopher Frank, daughter, Catherine Frank and his daughter, Jennifer Frank, his sisters, Kris Frank and Kate Frank. 
Jeff Dean - July 6th, 2022
I first noticed something special about Tom in Mr. Price's 5th grade class at Hilltop Elementary. We were supposed to bring in something we made, most were pretty basic items. Tom brought in a small electric fan that he made out of a shoebox, wires, resistors, an electric motor and a battery pack, compeletely soldered and worked like a champ. We started hanging around together and, by 9th grade, we had already wired the west half of the buildings at Hilltop Jr High for closed circuit TV, and we ran the Audio Visual projectors and tape machines (which means we hurriedly set up the classes and then hightailed it off campus to the deli store next door and often hid out in the drill tower at Fire Station #2 for a half hour - my Dad was a Captain there.)Tom lived with his Grandad on Robert Avenue, across the street from Wes Irwin. Grandad would take us camping out to Kitchen Creek and we hauled motorcycles along. Tom let me ride his Honda Trail 90. Later he got this red Honda XL175 and I took the above photo of him on the maiden ride at the Board of Ed lot on J Street, next to the fire station. (BTW, Tom's Grandad also brewed his own beer at home...heh heh)
Tom's birthday was June 1st I think, mine was June 25th. So, when we turned 16, he got his driver's license a couple weeks before me, and just before my DMV driving test, he took me on the driving route that the DMV testers used. So, I got to practice everything before my test.
Tom was a gifted, giving person. He shared everything he had with Wes, Rick next door and me. He and Wes got me a job at FedMart on Plaza Blvd, where they both worked. Tom never stopped giving. It's no wonder he became an engineer in his career...he was a genius. He had that '55 Chevy, later a '67 Camaro...he and Grandad also restored a small Datsun convertible roadster. Always, building, inventing....
We last emailed each other in about 2003 or so, but never got together in person.
Sad to read about his passing. What an incredibly talented, great guy and a great friend.


Birth Date: 1956-12-02
Deceased Date: 2004-05-20
Laurie Brown - December 24th, 2017
i never believed you were gone. You were my first love and I will always love you
Pep Lamadrid - June 19th, 2016
I knew Steve when we went to Mueller elementary school in the late sixties. He had the looks that all the girls would gravitate to. But his claim to fame was his ability to run with a football. I also knew he played pop warner and in high school. I don't know how we became friends but there's this one moment I will never forget going to Disneyland with the boys club in Chula Vista. We got there before the gates opened and planned to run to the Pirates of the Carribean before anyone else got there. We take off. Damn Steve was fast! But that morning I was faster. Imagine that, me running faster than Steve Gantz! Steve was just a cool dude who I looked up to just because he was a cool dude. If anyone knows how he passed away, please email me Rest in peace Steve. 
Brent Richins - September 22nd, 2015
I didn't know Steve well but was very aware of him through PoP Warner Football where Steve was a legend.  Steve wasn't the biggest player on the field but one of the toughest.  I still have memories watching Steve run the ball and wishing I could run like that.  RIP you are not forgotten.